Cubs for Coping College Ambassador Program

Cubs for Coping provides hospitals, shelters, and eating disorder programs with handmade teddy bears to spread hope! Each teddy bear we donate is unique, just like the people we give them to. Personalized items help people remember that others care about them.

We partner with student groups at colleges to hold events where student volunteers create teddy bears for us to donate. The CFC Ambassador Program involves recruiting college students to organize and run these events.

Please note that you must either reside in New York or attend college in New York to become a CFC ambassador. We have this rule because of the logistics of providing training, support, and supplies. You only need to fulfill one though. In other words, you can live in NY and go to school somewhere else and vice versa.

* Prepare the supplies for events. This means organizing the materials so that you can set up the materials in a clear manner. Please note that we will provide any materials that the student groups that you work with cannot purchase.
* Partially sew the bears prior to the event. This means that you will sew around the edge, which we will train you on how to do this. The bears are small, so it should not be very difficult. You do not need prior sewing experience even though it would be helpful. We will let you borrow a sewing machine to use ONLY to prepare for the volunteer events.
* Run 1 volunteer event during your first semester as an ambassador. After your first semester, run at least 2 events.
* Reach out to greek life and student groups at your school to host volunteer events in partnership with them. This will help with turn out and getting space for the event.

Email Nicole at for more information.